Biden Marks a Turning Point for Polarization

What this election has shown us

While the 2020 election was an extremely close call for the Democrat shoe-in Joe Biden, it was also a wake up call for Republican voters, and politically conservative individuals. The main thing I noticed during this election time was how talking points had shifted and how race and identity politics were no longer a point of interest for the Democratic hopefuls. It seemed like the political environment no longer reflected the feminist ideology or really addressed the racist tendencies of Creepy Uncle Joe. Suddenly it became about the way Trump was incapable of curing COVID in America, and how he was a “mouthpiece for the Russian agenda.” Even in debate, Biden’s talking points were far from specific and heavily relied on buzzwords and phrases. 

However, despite this, I am not entirely sure that the shift in agenda is entirely purposeful, or if the reason behind covering up sexual assault allegations is in fact because of Biden. It seems like the Democratic Party has shifted its focus in order to placate a larger audience and give them scraps of digestible talking points. I firmly believe that Joe Biden will make no difference in the long run, moreover, his presidency will serve as a reminder that liberals do not care about sexual harassment as long as you’re a Democrat. I remember the Kavanaugh confirmation, people went so far as to wear black as a sign of protest, there were riots, and there were extreme protests. It became a largely pressing issue, and was a major part of core Democratic values; yet the same shouting voices in 2018 are silently supporting Biden, despite accusations of pedophilia and unwanted advances on women. 

In my opinion, it seems as though she [Kamala Harris] is presented as a willing accomplice to his racism and sexual assault allegations by providing a singular counterexample of his ‘good’ behavior.

Many people who support Biden may object by stating that Kamala Harris functions as a juxtaposition to his more egregious behavior, but to that I say, why does she have to? Is her role as the Vice President to function as a counter to his irresponsible and offensive behavior? In my opinion, it seems as though she is presented as a willing accomplice to his racism and sexual assault allegations by providing a singular counterexample of his ‘good’ behavior. In social clubs we talk about the detriment of tokenizing POC, but the Democratic Party has brandished the same troublesome tendencies. Something that truly appalls me is the way that they address the sexual assault allegations. It has been on record that, despite women coming forward to verify the claims, they have cherry picked certain people to testify the opposite. The Democratic Party’s hypocrisy is screaming to America that, although Biden is accused of being inappropriate with young women, Democrat politicians and supporters are willing to snuff out the allegations by enough women claiming that it “never happened to them.” Therefore allegations against Biden must not be true. The platform of the #MeToo movement is being destroyed because it no longer aligns with the way Democratic candidates need to be perceived. This shows us that the social platforms of the Democratic Party are a sham and will be abandoned at a moment’s notice. The Democratic Party has no true social values, as we can see in the difference between the way they addressed Kavanaugh versus Biden. 

Additionally, I have made this argument throughout the course of my academic career, there should be more representation in government. In my opinion, it would be good to have more representation in Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Senate to incorporate more diversity; and yet when the opportunity arises for more female representation in the Supreme Court, it is met with liberal backlash. When the primary candidates for the Democratic seat are old, white men, we are left to question the integrity of the liberal slogan to promote diversity. When I bring this up to many of my friends who identify as either Socialist or generally left-leaning, they seem to no longer support the motto of diverse representation because of Bernie Sanders. Why is it that left-leaning individuals are able to chastise right-leaning voters for supporting a candidate who has been known to be inappropriate when they do the exact same thing?

It was never about the values Biden stands for, nor his economic policy. This election season has acted as revenge against the Trump Administration.

 I feel as though with the results of this election, it says more about forced voting tendencies of a two party system more than anything else. It was never about the values Biden stands for, nor his economic policy. This election season has acted as revenge against the Trump Administration. I firmly believe that voting matters, but voting with reactionary tendencies leads to the wrong types of politicians representing the people of America. Not only was the Biden election reactionary, but also the Trump election. This election, for the most part, was not about voting to voice an individual opinion but to create a reactionary echo-chamber against the Trump Administration. It was an attempt to get the masses to push Trump out of office at any cost by casting a ballot solely for the presidency. The 2020 election will serve as a turning point for the polarization of the two party system in which someone like Biden, who many people remark as the worst option for Democratic presidential candidacy, was able to win the popular vote, not because of his merits, but because of the color of his tie. 

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